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31 March 2009 @ 12:46 am
Two Hearts, One Ocean  
[title] Two Hearts, One Ocean
[author] baby_girl_222
[beta] None (So if it sucks I'm really sorry)
[pairing] David Cook/David Archuleta.
[rating] PG
[word count] 512
[summary] David Archuleta found a new respect for the cold, deathly, yet romantic body of water.
[disclaimer] I don't own and I have never met David Cook or David Archuleta. If there is anything that has or will occur in reality it is purely coincidence. This is all fiction
[warnings] Angst, mentions of sex
[author's notes] Written for Challenge #28, Prompt #2 at david_squared

David Archuleta didn’t like the ocean. No, that was an understatement, David Archuleta hated the ocean. He hated it with a burning passion, and always would. Only a select few people knew why he hated the ocean so much. It was those select few who were okay with his hatred of it, and promised to never force him into the ocean. So when David Cook took him on their honeymoon to an island in the middle of the ocean, it was easy to say that David Archuleta was furious.

Sure, he loved him new husband with all his heart. Sure, he was grateful to finally be alone with his husband, after months of endless preparation for the wedding that lasted less than an hour. Sure, he was excited that he could finally show his love for his husband to his full potential. However, he was damned sure that he would not be happy with his husband the next day when he was being dragged towards the soft sandy beach that was surrounded by the salty ocean.

Sore from the day before David Archuleta, now David Archuleta-Cook was happy to be able to spend the day relaxing inside with his brand-new husband. He had told his husband about his hatred of the ocean, and had prayed that he would listen to him about not going into the ocean. So when the younger man had been lifted from his place on the soft couch in his moment of relaxation, he was deeply annoyed.

When his husband finally brought him into view of the ocean, it was then it finally clicked. He squirmed and even began to resort to hitting his new husband as they got closer to the ocean. When they were at the very edge, and the water was caressing his husband’s feet, it was then that young David was finally let down. The tears were cascading down his soft, pale cheeks. The warm sand was mixing with the cool ocean water around his feet.

The youngest David pulled away from his husband’s grip and began to run from the ocean. Only to be stopped less then ten feet from where he had started. The youngest David fell to the ground, sobs wrecking his body, as he spilled out the story that he had long withheld from the elder David. The reason why he hated the ocean so much, and it was then that the older David finally realized what had been hurting his lover for so long.

Tenderly he pulled his younger husband to his feet, and gently began to walk him towards the ocean. As their feet hit the salty, bitter ocean water, the oldest man leaned in and kissed his young lover. It was then that the two hearts became one, and no secrets were left. David Archuleta-Cook had a new found respect for the cold, deathly, yet romantic body of water. He would hate it for taking the life of a loved one, but he would love it for finally bringing him as close to his lover as possible.
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Sunnyolaf: Spider 1 black and whitesunnyolaf on March 31st, 2009 06:38 am (UTC)
Oh wow, this was very good.