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25 May 2008 @ 10:40 pm
Title: Moonshine
Author: Baby_Girl_222
Rating: T
Pairing: Many, mainly Cookleta and Michael Johns/OC
Disclaimer: I own nadda, if I did Michael Johns would be 20 and unmarried, and mine
Summary: It's a war out there, but love comes in unexpected ways.
Notes: So this is just a story I thought of, I hope Y'all like it.

Aubrey's POV:
We’ve hated each other, since before I was born. Robbie, our leader, says it has always been this way, he can’t remember a time when it wasn’t. He also says it will most likely stay this way forever. I don’t understand why, but I fight for the cause, because that’s my job.
My brother David, we call him DJ though, because there’s another David in our gang, doesn’t like the whole hate thing either. Truth be told, ever since we had a run in with their leader, he’s been acting really weird.
I guess you’re wondering about this whole thing. My name is Aubrey Archuleta, most call me triple A, because my initials are AAA. I’m part of a group of friends called the wolves, everyone in our group is a runaway, no one knows about anyone else’s past, because we are respectful. I only know DJ’s, because we are siblings, twins to be exact.
There are a total of eleven of us. First there’s Robbie, he’s our elected leader and the oldest of us all. Next is Joanne, our body guard of sorts, mainly for David, Ramie, and me.
Next would be Amanda, our nurse, she knows everything medical and can fix anything, even though she’s never formally been trained. After her is Luke, he’s like our father figure, he’s strict to a point, but can be very lenient, but he’s also very overprotective.
After him would be Amy, she’s the peacemaker of the group, when ever we get into a fight with each other she’s the one who makes us settle terms and be friends again. Then there’s Hernandez, his first names David, but since there’s two of them we call him by his last name, he’s our fighter. It’s his favorite thing to do.
Next would be Colton Berry, he’s our gymnast, he never gets a bruise in a fight because he’s so quick with his gymnastic movements, it’s practically his life. After him would be Garrett Haley, he’s really quiet, and that’s why I get along with him pretty well.
After Garrett is Ramiele, she’s our con artist, when ever anyone needs something, she will con random strangers into helping her, and occasionally she cons one of us too. After her is me, I’m the mother of the group, or so I’ve been dubbed, because I worry a lot.
Finally there’s my baby brother, my twin David, DJ, he’s the baby as I’ve stated, and everyone worries the most over him. That’s our group, as of right now. There used to be more, but they’ve all went there own ways, like we all will eventually.
Anyways, that’s my family, in a nut shell. We all ran away from our homes at one point in our lives, for plethora of different reasons. Some of us were abused, some couldn’t stand the pressure, some just wanted to rebel, and some were just bored. All in all we were runaways, and none of us were about to leave the gang.
We aren’t really a gang, just a group of really good friends. We have each others backs through thick and thin, and we make sure that not one of us is ever sad. It’s siblinghood, not a brotherhood, since we have five girls, but it’s still that type of relationship.
This is all you need to know, before I tell the story, about the time my life took a change, for the better. It all begins with the name Michael Johns, my enemy, and one day my something more.
02 March 2008 @ 07:58 pm
Rest in Peace Noah! I met an amazing guy on a Jonas Brothers website a few months back, and well I kind of left it with out saying goodbye. Well I went back to the site, to get active again in it, to learn that one of my favorte Fanfic authors passed away a few days ago.

I ask that you pray for his family, especially his twin Tony. He was an amazing slash writer and the sweetest gay guy I have ever encountered through the internet. :) So please be thinking of him and his family.

He died of AIDS, he had it for two years. It's horrible he had to die that way.


Died: 2/23/08
15 February 2008 @ 06:13 pm
How did you spend Valentine's Day?
For Valentine's day, I was given flowers by this guy who has this huge crush on me, and I felt so bad. It was his B-Day too. He asked me to our prom, and I had yet to reply, so I was bawling and couldn't say anything. Now I have no clue how to turn him down.