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04 April 2009 @ 07:10 pm
The Fall and Rise of David Archuleta Part 1/?  
[title] The Fall and Rise of David Archuleta Part 1/?
[author] baby_girl_222
[beta] None (So if it sucks I'm really sorry)
[pairing] Cookleta
[rating] PG-13
[summary] He couldn’t take it, it was becoming too much.
[disclaimer] I don't own and I have never met David Cook or David Archuleta. If there is anything that has or will occur in reality it is purely coincidence. This is all fiction.
[warnings] Angst, mentions of sex,
[author's notes] I hope it doesn’t suck too badly.

He couldn’t take it, it was becoming too much. The late nights, the crazy fans, it was all too much. He started to choke on a sob, the tears flowing feely down his cheeks. His phone began to ring, and he fumbled in the dark for it.
When he finally managed to retrieve it, the ringing stopped. He waited a few seconds, as he allowed the person to leave their message. Calling his voicemail he knew what the message would say.
It was the same message every time. “Hey Arch, the boys and I got caught in traffic again. I’ll try to be home soon. I love you,” the person would say. He wasn’t disappointed, but the message was different then most, because there was no I love you at the end.
He let out a sigh, knowing that it was all a lie. There was no traffic at two o’clock in the morning, even for a busy city like LA. No, he hadn’t been caught in traffic; he had gone to a bar like normal. That would have lasted until midnight, and from there he would go and sleep with some random women he met at the bar.
He knew that this relationship couldn’t go on like this. He had given up everything for this relationship, his family, his friends, and most of all he had given his heart. Yet, his heart had slowly been torn. At first it was repairable, but soon, the rip became bigger, and he knew that if he didn’t leave soon, he would always live in this misery.
He took in a deep breath, and grabbed that notepad and pen that were next to the bed. He didn’t want to do this, but he knew it had to be done.

Dear David,
I love you, I’ve loved you since the first day I met you. I can’t do this anymore, David, I just can’t. I’ve tried to make this relationship work. I tried to understand, I tried to believe you. I can’t do it David; I can’t let my heart continue to break like it has been for the past year.
As I hear the voicemail you leave, me saying that you got caught in traffic again, I know the truth. You still see me as this naive little seventeen-year-old. I’m not David, I know the truth.
You don’t love me like you say you do, because if you loved me you wouldn’t hurt me like you do. You wouldn’t go and get drunk and then have sex with those women.
You had my heart; I gave up everything that I cared about for you, because I thought you loved me as much as I love you. I was stupid and foolish, then, but I know better now.
I’m leaving David, Don’t try to call me or see me, because I don’t want to hear it. We are through. I hope those girls were worth it all. I hope they made and continue to make you happy.
I wish I could say that I’m sorry for leaving, and I wish that it didn’t have to be this way. I know better though, I’m not sorry for leaving, and I know that it has to be this way.
We’re through David Cook, our friendship and our relationship. I left my ring for you; it’s not mine to keep.
David Archuleta

There it was finally everything was out in the open. Slowly David’s heart was being sewn back together, and it started with this letter. David grabbed the few bags that he had packed full of his stuff, not really caring for the other things that were his, because they reminded him to much of his ex-boyfriend.
For the first time in a long time, David Archuleta smiled, as he got into his car and drove away. As he was turning the corner he saw the lights of the older David’s car come down the other side of the street. A feeling of relief filtered through him.
rajkumari905rajkumari905 on April 4th, 2009 11:39 pm (UTC)
*smacks Cook*

I'm glad David is walking away. He doesn't need a relationship like that. Unless he's wrong? I hope you continue this!
nit(ya): house » pimp.asweetdownfall on April 5th, 2009 02:31 am (UTC)
Oh my gosh Cook you idiot. D: Why would you want to have sex with women when you have Archie as your boyfriend? Seriously.

But good on Archie for leaving him. I can't wait to read more!

[author's notes] I hope it doesn’t suck too badly.

You really need to stop saying that, girl. Your fics never suck :)
(Anonymous) on April 5th, 2009 04:30 am (UTC)

I like your stories.
Rogue: There Goes My Herofieryrogue on April 5th, 2009 05:00 am (UTC)
Oh dear, COOK DAMN YOU. Like Pri said, I hope maybe he's wrong? Oh gosh. Good job leaving, bb, I know it was hard. ♥

And good job to you too! :)
bowsie22bowsie22 on April 5th, 2009 11:29 am (UTC)
AAWW!! Poor Archie. And bad Cook. I really hope you update soon. I love this :D