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08 April 2012 @ 12:37 am
30 December 2010 @ 11:54 pm
Title: Down to Earth

Pairing: Implied Niall/Bieber

Rating: PG

Summary: Justin couldn’t help but feel bad about being so rude to the Irish kid from that one boyband.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Justin, Niall, or Sean. This is all fiction and will probably never happen.

Authors Note: So I know nothing about html or linking stuff so sorry if it takes you to the top of my page. Also I apologize for how suckish this is. While writing this I was in the midst of a twitter conversation with @UmairMalik09, and ordering a new screen for my laptop so I can actually have a working laptop and webcam. Then there’s the fact that I’m just a horrid writer (there’s a reason I read and not write).

To say Justin was in a bad mood was an understatement. Less then five minutes after he had finished performing on the X Factor stage he was getting hate tweets about his miming. It wasn’t his fault that his manager and the people who put the choreography together decided that he shouldn’t sing the majority of it. He probably shouldn’t have taken it out on the Irish boy from that one band. He would definitely have to apologize for his behavior when the boy and his friend came to his concert.
The next week was havoc as he got the multiple tweets from fans around the world calling him a fraud and that he was no better then Britney Spears. It hurt to know that his fans were pissed at him. Hell, he was pissed at himself.
The weeks passed by and before he knew it Christmas and the New Year had passed. Justin had all but forgotten the blond haired blue eyed boy. The day of the concert though he was reading some of his tweets glad that people were beginning to forget about the miming incident. He wasn’t sure though that the rumors about him and Selena were any better. It wasn’t that he didn’t like the dark haired Disney star but she was more of a friend and still hung up over her ex.
Then there was the little secret about Justin that no one really knew about. He knew he couldn’t let the secret come out, not when he had so many young female fans that adored him. He couldn’t disappoint those little girls, and he wasn’t going to do anything to jeopardize his future in the music industry.
It was while reading a tweet from a girl in the UK that was coming to his show that he remembered the blond haired boy.

@JustinBieber OMG your concert is tonite and I’m tots going and OMG Niall from 1D will be there too Eek!

It was in that instant when Justin remembered just how rude he was to the kid. With the thoughts of the kid in his mind he began to twitter stalk the blond haired boy. He was amazed to find that the boy was over six months his senior. It didn’t go past Justin that the majority of his fans were female and/or under the age of fifteen.
There was a knock at his dressing room door, and with a yell the said blond boy walked in. Behind him was another blond boy and of course one of Justin’s many body guards.
“Hi Justin,” Niall said in a small voice with a smile.
“Hey Niall,” He replied happily. The kid’s face lit up as if he wasn’t expecting The Justin Bieber to remember his name. There was a small wrench in Justin’s stomach as he realized that if that girl hadn’t tweeted about Niall he would have never remembered his name.
“This is my best friend Sean,” Niall replied with a wide grin on his face. It took all of his might for Justin not to grin just as wide back. He stuck his hand out and introduced himself to the other blond. It was that small thing that set the three of them onto a massive talk about everything under the sun. Justin couldn’t help but smile when Niall began to talk about the band he was in and how he hoped one day they would be as famous as Justin.
Before he knew it he was being called away to perform. After saying his goodbyes to Niall and Sean he made his way to the stage. The screams permeated through out the arena as they usually did during his concerts. When Justin entered the stage he began to look for the blond haired boy, not caring that there was a multitude of girls screaming for him.
After doing a few songs he decided to mix it up a little for the sweet blond boy. “So how many of you watch the X Factor?” He asked the crowd. The girls screamed and he let out a small laugh. “So I guess you guys know about the fact that I did a performance on it then. Well I met this awesome guy named Niall, and I was in a bad mood. He’s here tonight and I was hoping to make-up for being so rude. How would guys like to hear a duet from us?” The screams emitted again. “How about it Niall?”
The blond boy looked at his friend who winked at him before turning towards Justin and nodding. The girls parted for the tiny Irish lad, and he quickly made his way onto the stage.
“Down to Earth?” Justin questioned. The girls in the audience screamed and the band began to play. When the song was over Justin gave Niall a quick hug, before Niall was rushed off the stage. The rest of the concert went off without a hitch. The walk back to his dressing room was about as ordinary as a walk to a dressing room could be. People were giving him high-fives and a yell of “awesome concert JB” and “Great Job Justin”. He was relieved to make it back to his dressing room and just relax.
After his PR people came in with a group of girls and he signed their CD’s and had his picture taken with him, he was finally able to just sit down. Before he could even get to the couch in the room a soft tap came from the door. Groaning about how all he wanted to do was sit down he made his way to the door.
He opened it to see Niall and his friend standing there. He smiled lightly and moved to the side to let them in. As much as he wanted to talk to the boy he wanted to get the conversation done and over with.
“Thank you so much for allowing me to do a duet with you. It was brilliant,” Niall said in an excited rush. Justin couldn’t help but widen his grin after the blond boy talked. His friend Sean nodded quickly in agreement.
“It was awesome man. Thanks for doing that with me. The girl’s couldn’t get enough of you,” Justin replied. He took in the blond boy’s appearance fully for the first time. Niall was about the same height as Justin and it was obvious that his blond hair was dyed to be that blonde, since the roots were brown. His eyes had a grey tone to them that Justin hadn’t noticed before. The one thing that Justin couldn’t help but notice was how his arms were muscular without looking like he worked out all the time.
It was then that Justin realized that he was doing it again. He looked away from Niall and towards the blond boy trying not to seem disinterested in what the kid was saying. He let out a slight yawn that made Niall gasp.
“Crap I forgot that you just did a concert and you’re probably exhausted. We should probably get going too, since we still have to take our stuff into the hotel,” Niall replied quickly as if he had offended Justin in some way. He stood up and motioned for Sean to stand as well. Justin couldn’t even remember when the three of them had sat down, not that it mattered.
“It was nice to see you again Niall and to meet you Sean. Sorry I was such a jerk the first time we met Niall,” Justin replied. They shook hands and he escorted the two blond boys out into the hallway. Niall looked at Justin and then at his friend who just smiled at Niall, before rushing up to give Justin a big hug. Justin couldn’t help but think the grin on the Niall’s face was probably the cutest thing he had ever seen.
“Thanks again Justin, and it was really nice to meet you,” Niall said his smile only widening. The two Irish boys walked away which allowed Justin to return to his dressing room. After sitting down he pulled out his phone and quickly updated his status on Twitter making sure to mention Niall. After he found the boy’s Twitter he followed him. The last thing he did before he was carted off to his hotel was ask his manager to see about getting the One Direction boys to open for him for the rest of his concert’s since his opening act had to leave due to some reason Justin just hadn’t cared to listen to.
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What reality show would you most want to be a contestant on? What would your strategy for winning be?

A young girl had a dream, to be an American Idol star. She would sing every day, whether she was told she was horrible or not. She had the whole season planned out, that allowed her to win. She would get close to everyone, and pick the songs that were perfect for her voice. She wouldn't be the hateful angry person who refused to listen to the judges comments. No that would not be her. This young girl is me, and I know that I will never be in the midst of the famous winners like Kelly, Carrie, Jordin, and David. That is not my destiny, no matter it being my dream.
[title] The Fall and Rise of David Archuleta Part 1/?
[author] baby_girl_222
[beta] None (So if it sucks I'm really sorry)
[pairing] Cookleta
[rating] PG-13
[summary] He couldn’t take it, it was becoming too much.
[disclaimer] I don't own and I have never met David Cook or David Archuleta. If there is anything that has or will occur in reality it is purely coincidence. This is all fiction.
[warnings] Angst, mentions of sex,
[author's notes] I hope it doesn’t suck too badly.

He couldn’t take it, it was becoming too much. The late nights, the crazy fans, it was all too much. He started to choke on a sob, the tears flowing feely down his cheeks. His phone began to ring, and he fumbled in the dark for it.
When he finally managed to retrieve it, the ringing stopped. He waited a few seconds, as he allowed the person to leave their message. Calling his voicemail he knew what the message would say.
It was the same message every time. “Hey Arch, the boys and I got caught in traffic again. I’ll try to be home soon. I love you,” the person would say. He wasn’t disappointed, but the message was different then most, because there was no I love you at the end.
He let out a sigh, knowing that it was all a lie. There was no traffic at two o’clock in the morning, even for a busy city like LA. No, he hadn’t been caught in traffic; he had gone to a bar like normal. That would have lasted until midnight, and from there he would go and sleep with some random women he met at the bar.
He knew that this relationship couldn’t go on like this. He had given up everything for this relationship, his family, his friends, and most of all he had given his heart. Yet, his heart had slowly been torn. At first it was repairable, but soon, the rip became bigger, and he knew that if he didn’t leave soon, he would always live in this misery.
He took in a deep breath, and grabbed that notepad and pen that were next to the bed. He didn’t want to do this, but he knew it had to be done.

Dear David,
I love you, I’ve loved you since the first day I met you. I can’t do this anymore, David, I just can’t. I’ve tried to make this relationship work. I tried to understand, I tried to believe you. I can’t do it David; I can’t let my heart continue to break like it has been for the past year.
As I hear the voicemail you leave, me saying that you got caught in traffic again, I know the truth. You still see me as this naive little seventeen-year-old. I’m not David, I know the truth.
You don’t love me like you say you do, because if you loved me you wouldn’t hurt me like you do. You wouldn’t go and get drunk and then have sex with those women.
You had my heart; I gave up everything that I cared about for you, because I thought you loved me as much as I love you. I was stupid and foolish, then, but I know better now.
I’m leaving David, Don’t try to call me or see me, because I don’t want to hear it. We are through. I hope those girls were worth it all. I hope they made and continue to make you happy.
I wish I could say that I’m sorry for leaving, and I wish that it didn’t have to be this way. I know better though, I’m not sorry for leaving, and I know that it has to be this way.
We’re through David Cook, our friendship and our relationship. I left my ring for you; it’s not mine to keep.
David Archuleta

There it was finally everything was out in the open. Slowly David’s heart was being sewn back together, and it started with this letter. David grabbed the few bags that he had packed full of his stuff, not really caring for the other things that were his, because they reminded him to much of his ex-boyfriend.
For the first time in a long time, David Archuleta smiled, as he got into his car and drove away. As he was turning the corner he saw the lights of the older David’s car come down the other side of the street. A feeling of relief filtered through him.
04 April 2009 @ 06:29 pm
[title] Broken Hearts
[author] baby_girl_222
[beta] None (So if it sucks I'm really sorry)
[pairing] Cookleta
[rating] PG-13
[summary] Christmas was supposed to be a happy time full of love and family.
[disclaimer] I don't own and I have never met David Cook or David Archuleta. If there is anything that has or will occur in reality it is purely coincidence. This is all fiction
[warnings] Character Death
[author's notes] I hope it doesn’t suck too bad.

The family was crowded around the living room; only one member of the family was missing. David Archuleta sat in the next room over. While his family laughed from something his nephew said, David sat with a lone tear running down his cheek.
Christmas was supposed to be the happiest day of the year, full of love and family. David’s chest heaved as the sobs began to make their way up. No one realized till the next day, around noon, that they hadn’t seen David since the presents had been given out the previous day.
When his mother went to check on him, she saw her eldest son, clutching a photograph near his heart. When the doctor finally arrived at the newly panic filled Archuleta house, it was obvious that the famous boy would never sing again.
As TMZ announced the death of the young singer, hearts were filled with warmth around the world, for the young man was finally with his late lover. To this day people still come to pay respect to David Archuleta and his lover’s graves.
David James Archuleta
December 28, 1990 – December 25, 2010
Loving son, uncle, and boyfriend
May he finally be with his love again

Up in heaven, two angels watched a sunset and finally David Archuleta was happy, for he was with his love, David Cook, once again.
03 April 2009 @ 02:33 am
[title] What Can Happen In A Year
[author] baby_girl_222
[beta] None (So if it sucks I'm really sorry)
[pairing] Cookleta
[rating] PG
[word count] 593
[summary] A lot of things can happen in a year
[disclaimer] I don't own and I have never met David Cook or David Archuleta. If there is anything that has or will occur in reality it is purely coincidence. This is all fiction
[warnings] Fluff
[author's notes] I hope it doesn’t suck too bad.

Looking back over the past year, David Archuleta could not have assumed that he would be this happy. It had taken David one month to come out to his parents. It took him two months to tell David Cook that he liked him. It took David Cook less then thirty seconds to reply back with a response that David cherishes in his memory. It took them one month after they confessed their feelings to finally start dating.
It took them four months after that to tell the rest of the idol top 10 that they were together. It took a month after that before Michael Johns finally stopped teasing them. It took a month after that before the media found out about them dating. It took two hours to sort through the hate letters, and two weeks to read all the letters of congratulations. It took more weeks for them to finally walk out in public holding hands. It took one more month before David Archuleta finally plucked up the courage to kiss David Cook.
It only took thirty seconds after that for David Cook to propose. So here David Archuleta sits, one year exactly from the day he met David Cook. One year ago he would have never guessed that he would fall in love. One year ago he would have never guessed that his parents and fans would accept his unorthodox relationship with another male. One year ago he would have never guessed that he would be as famous as he is now, nor that he would be dating someone equally, if not more famous then he is.
One year ago, David Archuleta did not have his first kiss. One year ago, David Archuleta was basically unknown to the media. One year ago, David Archuleta was a normal high school student. One year ago, David Archuleta lived in Utah. One year ago, David Archuleta didn’t have a boyfriend. One year ago, David Archuleta would not have been celebrating his anniversary of meeting his soul mate.
One year can make all the difference in the world. David Archuleta knows that now. Because in one year he had fallen in love, his family and friends accepted his homosexual relationship, he became famous; he was dating someone more famous then he was. In one year David Archuleta had his first kiss, was followed everywhere by the media, had a boyfriend, and was celebrating the anniversary of meeting his soul mate.
As David Archuleta thought about what the next year would bring he could not help but smile. Not only was he releasing his new CD, so was his boyfriend. He would be going on tour with his boyfriend. He would have plenty of chances to kiss his boyfriend. Most of all in one year, he would be marrying David Cook, his one true love.
So as David Archuleta sits on a window seat looking out at the stars that litter the sky, he couldn’t help but smile. Things were falling into place, and for once in his life, he knew that he would live happily ever after. With his left hand now sporting a silver engagement ring one identical to his fiancé, David Archuleta could not have wished for a better year. A star twinkled, as pair of strong arms circled David Archuleta’s waist.
It took two seconds for lips to find their match in a soft, passionate kiss. One year, one love, and one man was all it took to make David Archuleta the happiest, luckiest, and grateful man in the whole world.
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[title] Two Hearts, One Ocean
[author] baby_girl_222
[beta] None (So if it sucks I'm really sorry)
[pairing] David Cook/David Archuleta.
[rating] PG
[word count] 512
[summary] David Archuleta found a new respect for the cold, deathly, yet romantic body of water.
[disclaimer] I don't own and I have never met David Cook or David Archuleta. If there is anything that has or will occur in reality it is purely coincidence. This is all fiction
[warnings] Angst, mentions of sex
[author's notes] Written for Challenge #28, Prompt #2 at david_squared

David Archuleta didn’t like the ocean. No, that was an understatement, David Archuleta hated the ocean. He hated it with a burning passion, and always would. Only a select few people knew why he hated the ocean so much. It was those select few who were okay with his hatred of it, and promised to never force him into the ocean. So when David Cook took him on their honeymoon to an island in the middle of the ocean, it was easy to say that David Archuleta was furious.

Sure, he loved him new husband with all his heart. Sure, he was grateful to finally be alone with his husband, after months of endless preparation for the wedding that lasted less than an hour. Sure, he was excited that he could finally show his love for his husband to his full potential. However, he was damned sure that he would not be happy with his husband the next day when he was being dragged towards the soft sandy beach that was surrounded by the salty ocean.

Sore from the day before David Archuleta, now David Archuleta-Cook was happy to be able to spend the day relaxing inside with his brand-new husband. He had told his husband about his hatred of the ocean, and had prayed that he would listen to him about not going into the ocean. So when the younger man had been lifted from his place on the soft couch in his moment of relaxation, he was deeply annoyed.

When his husband finally brought him into view of the ocean, it was then it finally clicked. He squirmed and even began to resort to hitting his new husband as they got closer to the ocean. When they were at the very edge, and the water was caressing his husband’s feet, it was then that young David was finally let down. The tears were cascading down his soft, pale cheeks. The warm sand was mixing with the cool ocean water around his feet.

The youngest David pulled away from his husband’s grip and began to run from the ocean. Only to be stopped less then ten feet from where he had started. The youngest David fell to the ground, sobs wrecking his body, as he spilled out the story that he had long withheld from the elder David. The reason why he hated the ocean so much, and it was then that the older David finally realized what had been hurting his lover for so long.

Tenderly he pulled his younger husband to his feet, and gently began to walk him towards the ocean. As their feet hit the salty, bitter ocean water, the oldest man leaned in and kissed his young lover. It was then that the two hearts became one, and no secrets were left. David Archuleta-Cook had a new found respect for the cold, deathly, yet romantic body of water. He would hate it for taking the life of a loved one, but he would love it for finally bringing him as close to his lover as possible.
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10 July 2008 @ 01:17 am

Title: I lie
Author: baby_girl_222
Pairing: Mavid of the Archie-Johns variety
Rating: PG
Summary: Michael Johns writes to the boy he should be in love with, but is anyway.
Authors note: This is my first post here so i hope you all  like it.

Dear Archie,

            How do I tell you, I love you? How can I show theses feelings? These feelings of fear, sadness, and anger are hidden behind this mask, impenetrable. How do I show you that I love you?

            Cold emotions, anger and hate is all I can show. How do I show that I love you? Tell me how. I need to show you. I need to tell you. They say the eyes are the window to the soul. If this is true, why does it hurt so much? Why do I cry at night when no one is around?

            I lie to myself, you know? I say I don’t love you. I say I don’t care. I do, I love you more than anything in the world. I care about you more then I care about anything else.

            When you get hurt, I cry when no one was around to hear. Why don’t I help you? Why do I constantly lie to myself? Why do I fear to show my emotions? I say it’s a weakness; it’s not and never will be.

            It’s the fear of hate and rejection; it’s more than that, whenever you please. I would leave too; I would fear and hate me too. How could you not? I ruined your life. I tormented you every chance I got, because I was afraid.

            I was afraid to even care about you. Afraid, that’s my emotion I need to show most, fear. I love you David Archuleta. I love you more then I love my wife. I don’t love her as anything more then a sister. It is you that I love, and I can lie no longer.



Michael Johns

10 July 2008 @ 12:14 am

Title: Why?
Author: baby_girl_222

Pairing: Kevin/Joe; Kevin/Nick; Joe/Nick; Kevin/Joe/Nick; Kevin/David; Cook Kevin/Made up character

Rating: PG-13 maybe less maybe more

Summary: The meme of ten random songs off of my playlist. (I was suprised because my playlist is that of songs that bring memories of this summer and not once did I get Veggie Tales)

Authors note: This is my  first post here so i hope you all  like it.

1. Surfing U.S.A – Beach Boys

Kevin had never surfed in his life. Well except that one time when that hot surfer tried to get him to surf, but that in its own is a different story. No Kevin had never surfed, but his boyfriend. J.T. Leviathan was a huge surfer. He was on the National team for the U.S. and Kevin never missed a competition.


2. Kiss Me – Sixpence None the Richer

Nick was ten when he got his first kiss. They were out on the old tire swing on their vacation home in Texas. Nick’s parents were asleep and had no clue that the two were out so late at night. “What’s a kiss like Joe?” young Nick asked his older brother. Joe smiled and leaned down and kissed the boy. Since then Nick has never had a kiss that had felt so right to him.


3. Daughters – John Mayer

            Kevin had always liked guys, but he hadn’t told anyone that until he was twenty-three and about to adopt a little girl. He always wanted children, but knew he would never be able to have them. So he adopted a baby girl, Madison Grace Jonas. He had been planning on being a solo parent, but when he sat there with his brother, and the lady asked if they were both to be the parents, Nick said yes. They both signed the papers, and that is how the relationship began to change in them from brotherhood to lovers.


4. Stop and Stare – One Republic feat. Timberland

            It was a cold December day in New York City, as twenty year old Nick Jonas walked down its seemingly empty streets. He sighed as he looked up at the billboards and signs on the sides of buildings. Only one caught his eye, a movie poster about the new Joe Jonas movie. Nick couldn’t help but wonder, what happened to them. Why he was here and not there. Why he left. But he remembered, because he was gay and he wasn’t welcome, especially when he was in love with his twenty three year old brother.


5. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

            Fame was rising for the Jonas Brothers, and nothing could stop them. Well except a little secret that Joe Jonas kept hidden very well, a secret that could take them down. He knew he couldn’t hold it in for much longer, and that’s how he found himself at a local gay bar on one of their tour stops. It was also where the paparazzi caught a drunken nineteen year old Joe Jonas making out with his equally drunk older brother Kevin.


6. All Summer Long – Kid Rock

            Kevin Jonas had always liked Michigan, especially in the summer. He remembers it as the place he and his current boyfriend, and younger brother Nick first came out to each other. It was also the place that they first kissed each other and made love. It was by Lake Missaukee, a lake in a really small town that he idly remembers as Lake City. A weird name he thinks to himself. He loved Northern Michigan though, and he and Nick would stay in a cabin up there all summer long when they got older.


7. Think of Me – Phantom of the Opera

            Nick remembers the day when he was separated from his brothers, when the restraining order was placed on them by his dad. Back when they first came out as gay and together. Nick also remembers wondering how he never saw it, it wasn’t that hard to recognize they were gay, especially if you’re gay yourself. So when Nick turned eighteen, he dropped the restraining order and immediately set out to find them. “Think of me,” they had said last. Nick had always thought of them and how much he wanted to be with them.


8. Time of My Life – David Cook

            Kevin Jonas had a strange obsession with American Idol, so strange that he made sure he got backstage passes to one of their concerts. Kevin was obsessed with more then American Idol; he was obsessed with David Cook. Sure the guy was five years older then him, and in a relationship with a girl, but he could care less. So when the concert was done, Kevin got an encore of his own from David Cook, and as David kissed him for who knows how many time, all he could think of was this really is the time of my life.


9. Take a Bow – Rihanna

            It was after a concert when Joe was first found out. That was the night Nick dumped him, it was also the night that Nick left the band and the group of brothers and bought his own apartment. It took Joe three months to find him, and he begged for forgiveness, but Nick could not find the will to forgive him. Joe continued to come back, to always receive the same answer. Nick was waiting until the day when Joe was truly sorry that he cheated on Nick, with their other brother Kevin.


10. I’ll be there – Jackson 5

            Kevin sang his heart out to the old Jackson 5 song, on stage in front of millions. It was his first time singing solo, and it was also his first time singing with out his brothers by his side. But he knew they were watching from the sides, knowing the song was about them. When Kevin finished they clapped the loudest. That night though there was no solo’s or clapping, just cuddling and kissing between the three brothers who had come to love each other in a non brother way.